Investment expertise to save you time, money, and energy

The Capital One Advisors Investment Committee is made up of financial experts and uses sophisticated investment models and analysis to manage the investment roster and model portfolios offered in every Spark 401k plan. We have created an investment policy which is used with each Spark 401k plan (a Department of Labor best practice) that is based on low-costs and investment diversification.

The purpose of Capital One Advisors’ investment policy statement is to set forth investment objectives and performance guidelines for evaluating investment decisions and investment options.

A philosophy created to help keep more money invested for retirement

We believe focusing on the things an employee should try and control like costs and diversification, are the backbone for a good 401(k) plan.

Diversification is critical for success: Studies have shown how much is held in stocks, bonds and cash is one of the most important decision investors make.

Costs matter: This philosophy led us to offer low-expense index funds—specifically Exchange-Traded Funds or ETFs—across asset classes. The more money spent in investment or fund expenses is less money invested in the markets for retirement.

Investing is a long-term proposition: Trends and trying to time the market are not a philosophy – they are guesses at best.

This design coupled with our Investment Committee support eases the time and responsibility of regularly reviewing the investment line-up and limits fiduciary risks of offering a retirement benefit to your company.