Who is Spark 401k?

Spark 401k is created to simplify 401(k) plans so small businesses and their employees can save more for retirement. Spark 401k combines straightforward plan designs, online purchase and setup, low-expense investments, and 401(k) advisors to serve our clients. Spark 401k is a brand name of Capital One Advisors, LLC, a subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corporation.

What is Spark 401k?

Spark 401k offers low-cost 401(k) plans designed to help small businesses have a great retirement benefit for their employees. Even self-employed businesses can start an owner-only 401(k) plan. We strive to keep investing costs low for employees too, so more of their money stays invested. It's simple to purchase online and may take just minutes to manage payroll.

What makes Spark 401k different?

Spark 401k a low-cost 401(k) solution for small businesses that is fully serviced and supported by a team of experts. To help ensure you always receive great value we automatically lower your administration and participant pricing as your company’s total plan assets surpass specific milestones. If for some reason your company’s total plan assets dropped below a milestone or you have a large growth in participants, pricing may revert back to previous levels. And not only is Spark 401k easy to purchase and setup online, but we also do the heavy lifting associated with managing the investment line-up in 401(k) plans. The Capital One Advisors Investment Committee selects, monitors, and adjusts the fund line-up and model portfolios in every Spark 401k plan to save businesses time, energy, and hassle.

Our goal is to help you and your employees prepare for retirement. We believe providing a low-expense, diverse, high quality fund line-up1 is a great start. We take an indexing approach using Exchange Traded Funds from Vanguard, iShares, PowerShares, and State Street. Our 401(k) advisors and customer success managers support your plan, so you always have an expert to help you with questions in managing your plan or questions about the investment lineup.

How can Spark 401k help my company?

We can help you and your employees invest for retirement with the 401(k) plan that fits your business needs. Our plans are low-cost, full-featured, and are able to grow as you grow. Our 401(k) advisors and customer success managers are here to help you all along the way assisting with determining the right plan design, employee education, and answering your 401(k) questions.

How does it work?

Start with a Spark 401k quote that takes just a few minutes online as well as show plan pricing. This will help determine which 401(k) plan design may best service your business needs. One of our 401(k) advisors will give you a call and help you understand important considerations and is able to easily adjust any features you may need. Once you’re ready to start or switch providers to Spark 401k, simply complete the purchase and plan design steps online. Your plan will typically be ready to roll out in a few weeks. Our advisors and customer success managers are always happy to help walk you through and answer questions. You or a designated plan sponsor will manage contributions each payroll and there is a year-end checklist provided by the Third Party Administrator. That’s it to get up and running with your Spark 401k.

Curious which Spark 401k plan might fit your company's needs? Get a free quote and see.