Are you running a company? See how our system allows you to take care of employee retirement

Our retirement system is unique in the way that it allows employees to easily contribute funds towards their retirement. We also provide a list of qualified vendors for each employee to choose from for investment management.

See how you can take care of your employees and their retirement needs.

For generations, people have relied on a 401k plan and an employer-sponsored pension to fund their retirement. They believe that in the long run, this is the best way to prepare for their old age.

The current landscape of financial planning has changed dramatically as a result of new technology. With the introduction of robo-advisors such as Wealthfront and Betterment, some people are now able to automate their retirement savings with just a few clicks.

Using robo-advisors can help you save more money for your future starting today. When you start with our free trial, you’ll get $5,000 managed for free!

Are you running a company? Well, we have a solution that will help you take care of employee retirement. Save for retirement is a payroll-deducted automatic monthly contribution to an account (either through payroll deduction or through direct deposit) that you can use to fund your future income needs for retirement. Unlike with traditional 401k plans, employers do not contribute to this account – so it’s up to the employees themselves.

With the ever-growing changes in healthcare and the complexity of managing benefits, employers are turning to innovative ways like save for retirement as sustainable solutions.

The system provides an easy way for employees to save for their retirement with a customized matching tool that seamlessly integrates with work.

Our unique matching tool allows employers to design and implement the best retirement plan possible by getting the input of employees, providing a seamless user experience, and automating the process.

Our system allows you to save for your retirement in 3 steps. First, open a plan with us and have your employer automatically contribute to your account. Second, research and invest the interest in the stock market which is safe and easy to do. Third, take out an appropriate plan when you retire with us. We also offer other tax benefits like tax deductions that help make saving for retirement even more attractive.

Many businesses are adopting our system due to its simplicity and ease of use, while others are turning to 401(k) plans because they offer better benefits such as lower fees, greater control/flexibility over investment options, less paperwork, etc.

As an employer, the first thing you need to consider is your employee’s retirement. You need to make sure that your employees are saving for their own retirement which is why our system has been made to enable employers to take care of their employees’ retirement in a more efficient way.

Our system helps employers like you manage their employees’ personal life with ease. Employees can also use this system as it’s convenient to them.

We have over 75% of retail and B2B companies starting up and running on our platform.